Big Sis

For the Patreon set for August 2021!


The winning theme was "Nostalgia", so I tapped into memories of the mid 00s. Being a '97 baby, I was still really a kid during this era, so this vision is something built up as a real fantasy in my mind. I had two older sisters, and I remember that era of being about 10 and feeling like 16-year-olds big sister type characters on tv were the PEAK of coolness. I have always loved that archetype. And yes, she is playing SSX Tricky!

Big Sis

    • Available in 5x7 or 11x14 inches
    • Note that colors and brightness may vary by monitor. I print at home and do as much testing as I can to achieve the desired colors printing in CMYK.

    • 5x7 : Ship in flat with bubblewrap and sturdy backing in cellophane
    • 11x14 : Ship in cardboard tube with cellophane

    NOTE: If you order an 11x14 print with a 5x7, the 5x7 will be by default rolled in the tube alongside it. They should unroll to flat after a day pressed in a book, or if you roll them the opposite direction. If you need them separated, please order them individually.