Fortune Teller

For the Patreon set for June 2021!


I knew I wanted to do a fortune-telling vending machine with a cat in it, inspired by a Zultan machines. My intention was always to have the fortune machine feel extremely out of place among everything else. It's more western-style, and definitely is not associated with Shinto's customs of good luck. But this came with learning quite a bit!

I try to be culturally aware, especially when I'm dealing with mysticism and things like that in other cultures. But I also want to incorporate what I can, I guess to make it feel sort of authentic. This of course can be hard when I'm not really a part of those cultures, but I did my best to research some Japan customs on luck!

Have you ever seen or heard of Omikuji? From what I understand, when you go to most shrines, you can typically pay 100P for a fortune-telling. They even have Omikuji vending machines! Though this vending machine is not an Omikuji-style, it's been pretty neat to learn about different parts of these customs.

I wanted this vending machine to basically feel... Unsafe. I avoided traditional Shinto good luck charms on it, even though I considered adding some, I didn't want anything that would ward off "bad" spirits, essentially making this machine feel... Sketchy. The colors of the cats are intentional too of course, because I suppose there, calicos are the luckiest color. Black cats, in japanese culture, protect from illness and ward off evil... But because this machine is supposed to feel a bit foreign in context, I sort of liked the idea of an unlucky western black cat, even though she already has a calico with her... She is tempted. 


This art print that was voted on by my Patrons on Patreon and made early access there! You can always check out the monthly print and recieve discounts by joining the community at the parcel tier.

Fortune Teller

    • Available in 5x7 or 11x14 inches
    • Note that colors and brightness may vary by monitor. I print at home and do as much testing as I can to achieve the desired colors printing in CMYK.

    • 5x7 : Ship in flat with bubblewrap and sturdy backing in cellophane
    • 11x14 : Ship in cardboard tube with cellophane

    NOTE: If you order an 11x14 print with a 5x7, the 5x7 will be by default rolled in the tube alongside it. They should unroll to flat after a day pressed in a book, or if you roll them the opposite direction. If you need them separated, please order them individually.