Herbalist's Helper

For the Patreon set for September 2021!



A place you never want to leave... That was the thought I had when making this print. The details that make a place cozy and warm and inviting, when you love work just because it's so fun to play with things that smell and feel amazing like herbs and old books, or the feeling of a crystal in your palm. 


Herbalist's Helper

    • Available in 5x7 or 11x14 inches
    • Note that colors and brightness may vary by monitor. I print at home and do as much testing as I can to achieve the desired colors printing in CMYK.

    • 5x7 : Ship in flat with bubblewrap and sturdy backing in cellophane
    • 11x14 : Ship in cardboard tube with cellophane

    NOTE: If you order an 11x14 print with a 5x7, the 5x7 will be by default rolled in the tube alongside it. They should unroll to flat after a day pressed in a book, or if you roll them the opposite direction. If you need them separated, please order them individually.