Strawberry Cottage Sticker Sheet

Done for the July 2021 Patreon Parcel bundle! 

This whole bundle was inspired by Pride and Prejudice (2005)... Not entirely in aesthetics, but in how the movie makes me feel, where I "am" when I watch it. The background text of this is even a page out of Jane Austen's novel, and includes a quote from her as well. This sheet would be lovelyfor anyone dreaming of soft, feminine cottagecore vibes!


4x6" matte finish on vinyl.

Strawberry Cottage Sticker Sheet

  • These stickers are vinyl with matte finish. They are:
    • Scratchproof
    • Waterproof
    • Weather Resistant
    • All around durable!
    I would not recommend them be put in the dishwasher. 

    Ship with bubble mailer and two pieces of sturdy backing in compostable plastic.