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I'm Ivy Dolamore, a 20-something cryptid living in Appalachia. Central Florida born to hippie-esque parents, I've been an unschooler all my life. I could be described as a self-taught artist, though what that really means is my teachers come from all over the place, just not a traditional school setting.

I focus on digital pop-art styled illustration and painting. I enjoy a lot of creative mediums and try to integrate what I have learned from traditional methods into anime and cartoon styles. 

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Unschooling has given me the chance to be actively working for years. Despite lacking formal education, I'm constantly seeking guidance and knowledge from industry professionals. I've been working under deadlines and companies since I was just a kid using my mom's Paypal to create content for private gaming servers.

Not only that, but years of retail experience has made me someone extremely used to teamwork, responsibility, and good relations between customers and coworkers alike. 

I'm proficient in Photoshop and Procreate.

For licensing inquiries, please contact Tate Licensing.


  • Artists Alley @ Anime Festival Orlando, 2011

  • Artists Alley @ Asheville Anime Regional Convention, 2019

  • Artists Alley @ MegaCon Orlando, 2022

  • Artists Alley @ Colossalcon Sandusky, 2022

  • Artists Alley @ GenCon Indy, 2022

  • Artists Alley @ Soda City Comic Con, 2022


  • Cover illustrations for Lidiya Foxglove's Queen of the Sun Palace trilogy, 2018

  • Feature in ImagineFX, September 2019

  • Banana Fish Fanzine Take Me To Where You Are, 2019

  • Banana Fish Fanzine Street Sense, 2019 

  • Community Coordinator Spruce Art Residency, 2019

  • One Piece Fanzine Feast, 2020

  • HunterxHunter Fanzine Embark, 2021

  • Collaboration with Diamond Art Club, 2021-2022

  • Cover illustrations for Lidiya Foxglove's The Cursed Soul trilogy, 2021

  • Collaboration with Stickii, 2022

  • One Piece Fanzine Feast II, 2022

  • Collaboration with Ravensburger, 2023

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